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Learn from our past to prepare for your future

The H-Files goes back in time to explore history’s most fascinating triumphs (and avoidable mistakes) to show today’s professionals how to put these valuable history lessons to use.

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The H-Files: Leading Through Uncertainty

Between the 1918 Influenza pandemic and World War I, the beginning of the 20th century was certainly uncertain. Leaders like the future U.S. President, Harry Truman, the Prime Minister of France, Georges Clemenceau, and a young Indian lawyer named Mahatma Gandhi, successfully navigated this time of war, illness, and chaos. The H-Files: Leading Through Uncertainty focuses on the successful techniques these leaders used to adapt, communicate, make quick decisions, and practice empathy with their teams in order to thrive. This 10-lesson program is essential leadership training for uncertain times.

Preview Lesson: Prepare for Change

The H-Files: Project Management

Preview Lesson: Communicate with Your Stakeholders

What do Magellan, Cleopatra, and Napoleon Bonaparte all have in common?

Failed projects. The H Files: Project Management examines some of history's famous (and not-so-famous) project management mistakes. This 10-lesson program examines these failures through a project management lens so you'll learn what you should and shouldn’t do while managing your own projects. These are project management best practices for non-project managers

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