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In today’s workplace, agility is king

Coach your leaders to build team resilience, flexibility, and innovation with this nanocoaching learning series led by behavioral agility expert, Liggy Webb

Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb

Sample Lesson: Switch It Up - Task management in chaos

Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb is a nanocoaching learning program offering bite-sized pieces of motivational learning that include strategies, quick challenges, reflection prompts, and leadership tips.

Each of the 16 nanocoaching lessons touch one of five areas of the Mindfit framework – Resilience, Curiosity, Flexibility, Creativity, and Kindness. The program is geared toward giving leaders the tools to build safe spaces that cultivate a mindful culture on their team.

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Sample courses from Cornerstone’s new Original Learning Series, Empowering Minds with Liggy Webb to build strong leaders with Liggy’s Mindfit framework.

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