What Can Be Configured

1. Factors and details

Factors are the different things that a person will be reviewed on. These are grouped onto two pages, typically split by performance and competencies.

Pretty much everything about factors can be configured, right from how many different factors will be measured for a role-type, right through to the name labels, and supporting evidence.

1.1 Factor sliders

1.2 Details

Behind each factor can be any number of items of evidence that are used to calculate a final rating for the factor. These are referred to as Details and are accessed by the details tab on the factor slider.

There are three different types of details: Goals (which are used for situations where an employee is set a group of specific goals, objectives or KPIs normally for performance); Questionnaires (which are normally used to ask behavioural questions for competencies); and Comments (which are just free text boxes useful for adding context to questionnaire answers.

There can be any number of each of these types of details. All details are always displayed as Goals first, then Questionnaires, then Comments.


For each goal there are many configurable choices:

Questionnaires & Comments

2. Role categories & role types

Different people in the organization are rated on different factors, which sometimes overlap. For example (in a very simplified world!) a salesperson might be rated on Sales Performance and Time Management. An accountant might be rated on Time Management and Accuracy.

CSB lets you create role types, which are groups of factors that a group of people in your organization will be rated on. This does not necessarily mean that people with the same CSB role type have exactly the same role, it just means that they will be rated on the same factors.

There are no hard and fast rules on this; we have many clients who use CSB with only one role type (they rate everyone in the organization on the same factors). We have other clients who group people by seniority (so they might have four role-types representing junior through to senior people). Additionally, we have many clients who group people by similar roles (for example all customer facing staff are measured on the same factors)...

3. Process & documentation

Names and strings

3.1 Review Menu page details: the names of the different menu items can be changed to match your process, as can the blurb under each one.

3.2 Step names: on the rating pages (for managers and self assessors) the names of the Tabs that represent steps in the process can be changed. By default these are Step 1. Performance, Step 2. Competency”but there are many variations like KPIs”and Potential.

3.3 The axis labels of the Performance vs Competency grid can be changed to match the review steps.

3.4 9-box grid labels: can be changed to your organization’s measures of achievement.

3.5 Analysis text can be changed (some or all of it). This is a more advanced configuration option - you need to understand how CSB works first!

Other options

There are several other configuration options for CSB that allow management of elements as varied as password strength through to calculating and moderating final scores for compensation planning.

The full list of configuration modules is available here.