2023 APJ RAVE Award Winners

The 2023 Cornerstone APJ RAVE Award winners were announced last month at Cornerstone’s Connect Live event in Sydney. What a fabulous event it was. Not only were we privileged to hear from an amazing array of speakers and customers, but we had an opportunity to celebrate our customers' successes in person.

The RAVE (Remarkable Achievements and Visionary Elites) Awards offer an opportunity to recognise customers across the region that have developed and implemented innovative approaches to using our solutions to support their people.

This year, the judging panel all agreed that, due to the calibre of the submissions, choosing a winner was the trickiest part of the process. The winners all impressed the judges with their creativity, innovation and unwavering commitment to delivering meaningful outcomes for their people and their business.

Without further ado, here are the 2023 APJ RAVE Award winners.

People Experience Award

Trade Me (New Zealand)

Trade Me is New Zealand’s most influential ecommerce platform and as quintessentially Kiwi as you can get. It's a fun, vibrant, and fast-moving place to work. Over 650,000 Kiwi head to Trade Me’s site every day and they have a workforce of over 500 making sure it ticks.

In 2022, Trade Me introduced Cornerstone as its key source of people data, and Cornerstone Learning as its first Learning Management System.

Better data has helped Trade Me continue to build great experiences for its people, including new learning pathways they can access as part of their ‘10% learning time’. As a result of its focus on people experience, Trade Me has lifted its eNPS from 19 to 45, Wellness score from 7.4 to 8.0, and Happiness score from 7.5 to 7.9.

Learning and Development Award

Shangri-La Group (Hong Kong)

Shangri-La Academy drives the learning initiatives within the Shangri-La Group. The academy has successfully utilised the Cornerstone platform to support the company’s business objectives. Through this platform, the company has been able to quickly deploy new initiatives, including one aimed at improving the customer experience. By leveraging Cornerstone’s ability to scale the learning component of this initiative, employees could quickly learn and apply the new skills and knowledge, resulting in a 4.7 percentage point increase in guest satisfaction scores.

In addition to supporting specific initiatives, the Cornerstone platform has also facilitated meaningful learning conversations and engagement across the company’s global workforce. As a result, Shangri-La employees are logging in over 4000 times daily and consuming 714 hours of learning content daily.

Learning Experience Platform Award

Bristlecone (India)

Bristlecone (A Mahindra group company) has always had an entrepreneurial culture, focusing on encouraging its employees to focus on self-learning and driving their own career paths. To support this, Bristlecone has implemented EdCast by Cornerstone.

Since the implementation, learning engagement has rapidly increased, with the number of employees using the platform for multiple days rising from 60.63% to 73.76% between September 2022 and February 2023. The platform boasts 8,500 consumption hours, an impressive 4x the headcount of Bristlecone’s workforce – amounting to at least five hours of learning per person.

By leveraging EdCast to support its learning culture, Bristlecone now boasts an adoption rate of 75%, which is the highest among other group companies.

Performance & Career Growth Strategy Award

Watsons Personal Care Stores (Philippines)

Watsons Personal Care stores has leveraged its Cornerstone Performance solution to develop a successful performance management strategy. Since implementing their solution, Watsons has established a robust competency and development planning process, built Team Effectiveness Assessments that enable them to conduct development needs analysis, as well as creating wellbeing development initiatives for both personal and professional development plans.

Watsons has also launched an Employee Badge program that is tied to its recognition initiatives. The badges represent Watsons’ core values and all employees can provide positive feedback and equivalent badges to show their appreciation towards their colleagues, which has helped the organisation with building an environment of open feedback and communication.

Content Adoption Award

NSW Department of Customer Service (Australia)

The NSW Department of Customer Service (DCS) has implemented an outstanding CCA strategy, significantly improving the engagement and effectiveness of its content.

Since implementing the CCA strategy, its myWellbeing tool has had over 13,000 page views, with 2000 course registrations and completions. Most employees accessed the site within the first two weeks of its launch, demonstrating its popularity and effectiveness.

By offering training in areas such as wellbeing and development, DCS has demonstrated its commitment to employee welfare and development. This has created a sense of loyalty and engagement among employees, contributing to a positive and supportive work environment.

Our Customers Always Come First

Our customers' success continually motivates us to keep improving and broadening our range of services, so we can help more companies to achieve their aspirations of having a more cohesive workforce. We extend our congratulations to the winners of the 2023 APJ RAVE Awards!

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