Peter Gold on the Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud: Social and Compliance in a Single System

Peter Gold

Founder, Storifyd

The kind of cars anyone my age bought when they were young didn’t come with air conditioning, electric windows or even a radio as standard. USB points didn’t even exist! They started off looking (kind of) nice but by the time we’d bolted on our non-factory fitted extras they looked more like Frankenstein cars. But buying a new car today is very different as they come with so much as standard and are more reliable, economical and efficient.

Having first built an ATS in 1998 I have been somewhat disappointed at how slowly most ATS vendors have evolved in comparison to car manufacturers. I guess I’m also slightly envious of product teams today who have so much information to work on when I had nothing. We pretty much made it up as we went and had to guess what we thought the market would want.

I’ve previously written about the history of the ATS in my first post then what makes an ATS social in my second post. And whilst the market has been evolving slowly Cornerstone developers have been beavering away to build a new ATS that is fit for today based on what is wanted, needed and used. Less Frankenstein, more Ironman 3. Saving the world from the ATS bad guys.

Born social

As Cornerstone Recruiting Cloud is even younger than Facebook or Twitter you’ll see many familiar social features that are entirely intuitive to every user of any level. I can’t of course share every little secret but in order for me to be able to write this blog post I was allowed to look under the bonnet to see the social engine that lies in wait.

My top 3

No more system e-mails. One thing I love about Facebook is their messaging system. All messages are in one place attached to the right friend. No more digging around looking for endless texts or e-mails. Recruiting Cloud takes the same approach to the candidate record making it easier for everyone to find every message a candidate has received but in a social format. Comment streams anyone?

The job advert. Imagine being able to create the perfect job advert that converts better than ever before. Measuring the video version vs. the image version. Red apply button vs. blue apply button. Facebook likes vs. LinkedIn followers. All the tools that marketers have so that you can track every action rather than rely on gut instinct. You no longer have to just imagine.

LinkedIn. The integration with LinkedIn is seriously impressive. From simple job posting to intelligent network matching it’s what recruiters have been waiting for. But it goes way beyond this. I’d love to tell you more but I don’t need to because Cornerstone will.

Welcome to the very social ATS

So if you’d like to know more and get a peak under the bonnet why not attend the Recruiting Cloud webinar on May 29. Click here to register.

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