Realizing Our Potential: The Evolution of Cornerstone

Adam Miller

President & CEO, Cornerstone

In 1999, Cornerstone OnDemand started with a few modest start-up trappings: a whiteboard, a shared cordless phone, a meeting room at a Santa Monica bowling alley and a bold idea. We wanted to change the world through online learning. Sixteen years later, that idea has flourished into a multi-billion dollar global technology company with products in use by more than 20 million people in nearly 200 countries.

Our company's journey to this point has been marked by significant changes. Along the way, we picked up a new name. We ditched a bright orange logo. We expanded our mission beyond online learning to people development in its entirety (our suite of products now meets your company's needs at every stage of the employee lifecycle).

Yet, through all of these transformations, our core belief as a company has been steadfast: Learning and development are key to empowering people to reach their potential. And today, as we announce the next progression of the Cornerstone brand, this belief in potential remains the driving force behind our new identity.

Meet the New Cornerstone

Starting today, we are rolling out a brand new logo to better reflect where we’ve been and where we are headed as a company.

For starters, as we enter a new world of work where immediate and constant access to information is table stakes, our new logo reflects this by dropping the "OnDemand." Over the years, we have helped define the on-demand (and later Software-as-a-Service) standard as the first unified talent management software company to operate in the cloud and offer its products solely via SaaS. The company has always taken a lead and embodied innovation in this area.

To reflect our evolved brand, we've also designed the new logo to emulate our original and continued vision as a company: helping people develop at every stage in their careers, both personally and professionally. We have a new tagline communicating this vision — "Realize your potential," which certainly refers to our own potential as a company, but more importantly that of our employees, partners, clients and millions of users.

The new logo reflects the tagline’s focus in several unique and creative ways. First, the angle of the logo is 30 degrees, moving up and to the right to represent positive growth. We want people to grow in their careers. Second, the diamond-shape behind the "c" is a graphic representation of a wall corner, exemplifying our role as part of the foundational strength that helps you build a strong business with your human capital. Look again closely and you will notice that the "c" also appears to be wearing a graduation cap — again personifying our passion for lifelong learning.

Last but not least, the initial "c" and "o" join together to create an infinity symbol, reinforcing the idea that potential is limitless.

Beyond our reworked logo, we are also reimagining our color scheme and welcoming two new bright colors to our brand palette: seafoam and tech green. While we take our work seriously, we also firmly believe in having fun along the way — and our new colors represent this key aspect of our company culture (just ask any Cornerstar about our arcade and candy wall).

You'll see the new Cornerstone branding rolled out across all our products, websites and offices beginning today. As we embark on our next adventure as a company, we hope you'll join us in embracing the challenges and successes ahead — realizing your potential along the way.

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