Career Management, Goals, Development Plans, and Certification Software

Career Management


Career Center gives employees the tools necessary to take a more active role in their career planning and career development within the organization. The Career Center is the employee's central location for managing career mobility and development within the organization, thus contributing to higher retention and engagement.


Employees maintain internal Resumes; specify Career Preferences and career goals; determine and research career mobility through Career Paths; and conduct position searches to seek out new opportunities within the organization.  Further, to improve readiness, employees can pursue internal development and training activities mapped to the competencies and skills required of specific positions. 


Employee ResumeCaraeer Pathing, Career Management Software

The quality of data needed for organizational planning, succession management, and broad talent management is not typically found in the data passed from a recruiting or applicant tracking system.  Unifying the best data about your employees' skills, competencies, education, experiences, preferences, certifications, licenses, etc. is critical.


The Career Center Resume does just this, tracking all key talent attributes across the talent management platform.  This profile information can then be used for myriad purposes including career planning, succession management, project team building, internal recruiting, and more.


Career Preferences

To aid in capturing key data around career mobility, Cornerstone allows employees to express certain career preferences.  Again, the client determines the specific information to be captured.  For example, willingness to relocate, specific geographic preferences, and long-term career goals.


Career Paths

Career Paths help organizations drive employee engagement and retention by developing their potential through access to career paths, open positions and learning experiences.


Career Paths allow an employee to view potential paths for career development within the organization by viewing related jobs based on their current Job OU.  The employee can view the job's description, responsibilities, requirements, associated competencies, and any identified readiness gaps.  Development plans can be dynamically generated in response.  The employee can register interest in a job, to be added in their Career Preferences.


Internal Job Search

Job Search is new functionality that allows employees to search for other jobs within the organization. Unlike the Career Paths features, Job Search is not anchored to the employee's current position – searches can produce results across the entire organization and all job types made available.