Cornerstone OnDemand Empowering People and Businesses

Cornerstone OnDemand Designed to build Better Businesses and Empower People

You Are Empowered.


It’s the feeling you want every employee at your company to have - the feeling that they are Empowered to make a difference. That they have all the tools they need to learn and grow. The tools to connect, to decide, to lead and to win. The tools to be legendary.


Cornerstone OnDemand believes that learning and talent management is about more than just keeping your organization competitive. We believe that each human being at your company has the power to make it great and that the combined efforts of Empowered people create legendary companies. That’s why our best-in-class software Empowers individuals, leaders, companies and communities to succeed like never before. Because when You Are Empowered, you can do anything.

Empowered for Success.

Expect more from talent management. When You Are Empowered, you can achieve 26% higher revenue per employee. You become 109% more capable of retaining high performers, 92% better at responding to economic conditions and 144% better at planning for future talent needs*. That’s what happens when Empowered people power companies: Results - from the top to the bottom of your organization and all the way to the bottom line.


Empowering People to Make a Difference at Every Level.

To us, Empowerment is the difference between good and great. To us, it means giving each person at your company – employees, managers and business leaders - a genuine opportunity to connect, engage, learn, contribute, lead and advance. Why should you care? Because Empowerment is the secret sauce. It directly drives engagement and even small increases in engagement (5%) hugely impact operating margin (.7%)**.


When your company is Empowered by Cornerstone OnDemand – people at every level get what they need to drive results.


Business  leaders,  You Are Empowered to turn high-level business goals into actionable objectives for each and every member of your team and to see how your company’s talent strategies are translating into true business results through powerful analytics and reporting.


Managers, You Are Empowered to help your team achieve using goal management to ensure that people are working on the right things at the right time and performance appraisals to provide consistent feedback and evaluations.


Employees, You Are Empowered to achieve your dreams with career pathing tools that let you plan your future and learning and development opportunities that help you get there. And, you have everything you need to make a difference today with enterprise social collaboration tools that enable you to get information to make great decisions and do your job better and faster.


Our carefully constructed, unified suite of on demand products includes onboarding, learning, enterprise social networking, compliance, performance, compensation and succession planning. Each is designed to Empower your employees to drive themselves, their careers and your business forward like never before.

More Than a Word, a Way of Life.

Starting with our relentless focus on customer service, Cornerstone OnDemand’s integrated learning, performance and talent management software empowers people at every level of an organization to make a difference.


That’s why world-class customers (accounting for more than 4 million active users) in every industry, like Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Kelly Services and Teach for America, honor us with a nearly 100% customer retention rate. And it’s how we do business, Empowering non-profits and communities around the world through the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation.

We’d like to talk more about Empowering your organization to achieve great results. So, get in touch.  


*Data from Bersin and Associates
**Data from Towers Watson