3 Reasons your construction business will need a Learning Management System in 2021

3 Reasons your construction business will need a Learning Management System in 2021

1 de junio de 2021

The construction industry is bouncing back and the forecast is bright. The residential housing market shows most construction projects that were previously delayed are back on track.

The market is slated to grow by 2.3% in 2020 and 2.8% in 2021. 83% of commercial contractors say their revenue will increase or remain about the same in the next year.

The forecast is encouraging, but one thing is certain: we cant go back to business as usual. Today looks nothing like yesterday, and some changes will alter how we conduct business tomorrow and forever.

New jobsite safety regulations, a focus on contract enforcement, and union demands are imposing new compliance requirements, additional steps in construction processes, new workflow methods, and even rethinking of onsite vs. factory construction methodologies. There is renewed scrutiny on contract management as projects face delays due to new steps, and for the first time, contract breach penalties are being enforced by various parties.

Coupled with acquiring new talent with the relevant skill-sets, managing learning and training on a continuing basis, having access to a library of high-quality industry content, and the ability to create, store, and reuse in-house expertise is key to success. The construction industry absolutely must invest in the technology and content library needed to meet the demands of a new world. Having the right learning management system is no longer a “nice to have” it is now critical to success.

Here are three reasons your construction business will have to invest in an LMS.