Becoming Mindfit
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Becoming Mindfit

3 de marzo de 2021

Now, more than ever before, we are facing ongoing disruption and change. Becoming “Mindfit” — the act of exercising the way we think and behave on a regular basis — is key to preparing ourselves for unchartered territories.

“Mindfit” means you’re focused on improving the five critical components of a fit mind — resilience, curiosity, flexibility, creativity, and kindness:

  • A “resilient Mind” has the strength to recover well after a setback.
  • A “curious Mind” faces problems with a desire to explore and understand, asking the right kind of questions.
  • A “flexible Mind” can let go of the original plan and switch tasks when needed.
  • A “creative Mind” unleashes fresh thinking, new ideas, and focused solutions.
  • A “kind Mind” forms connections with their team, community, and environment to make a positive impact.

Mastering those “Mindfit” components helps you become a more balanced, productive, and innovative contributor. Download the eBook to learn how!