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Building and Transforming Learning for Construction Companies in a Changing World

Mike Bollinger

VP, Strategic Initiatives, Cornerstone

Pre-pandemic, the most utilized method of learning and development (L&D) for construction companies was ILT (instructor-led training) in a physical classroom. However, the unexpected arrival of COVID-19 required companies to make the rapid switch to a fully virtual training and development model.

Sellen Construction and Consigli Construction were two companies faced with the challenge of upending their entire learning program whilst retaining the advantages of a well-formed curriculum. An unanticipated benefit was the interest and additional opportunities that opened up as a result of this culture change.

Watch this on-demand webinar hosted by Mike Bollinger, Cornerstone’s VP of strategic initiatives, as he leads a lively discussion with Kellin Ramage, HR engagement and solutions manager of Sellen Construction, and Cherie Comeau, senior manager of leadership and organizational development at Consigli Construction, on the powerful impact a talent management software strategy has on these two construction companies’ strategic talent initiatives. Hear how both companies successfully made this swift shift in L&D in partnership with Cornerstone Learning and the results they achieved.

Uncover the best L&D practices that you can take back to your organization regardless of where you are in your L&D journey, including:

  • Transition from in-person ILT to virtual training;
  • Automate tracking course attendance and completion;
  • Increase training attendance by over 50 percent;
  • Erase barriers between “out in the field” and “in the office;”
  • Efficiently capture and measure metrics and analytics;
  • Make learning an ongoing process and empower employee development;
  • Enable hybrid learning, a combination of in-person and virtual training all managed from one platform.

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