Mid-Year Check-In Conversation Guide for Managers and Employees

Mid-Year Check-In Conversation Guide for Managers and Employees

23 de junio de 2020

Mid-year check-ins that optimize employee performance and guide development

Mid-year check-ins are a great opportunity for managers and employees to connect on goal progress, reconfirm priorities, and to give (and get!) insight into the kind of support employees need to be successful their roles. These structured syncs reinforce a culture of ongoing coaching and feedback – one that strengthens the manager-employee relationship.

Like any performance conversation, mid-year check-ins work best as a two-way dialogue where both parties share their perspectives on performance wins and challenges from the first half of the year. They then decide what is next for the employee together, which can transform an employee’s performance and development for a richer, more engaging employee experience.

And the key to a successful mid-year check-in? Preparation.

Your Guide to an Effective Mid-Year Check-In Conversation

Cornerstone, has created a conversation guide for managers and employees to help them prepare for – and walk them through – a successful mid-year check-in. In this worksheet-style conversation guide, you’ll get:

  • Instructions for preparing for a productive two-way conversation
  • An organized framework for capturing ideas and making note of key successes and challenges
  • Conversation starters to guide performance and development priorities

Give your people a more engaging employee experience that will boost performance and build stronger bonds between your managers and their people through better mid-year check-ins. Download your Mid-Year Check-In Conversation Guide for Managers and Employees today!