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Together for tomorrow: Cornerstone and SkyHive unite to transform skills

Mike Bollinger

VP, Strategic Initiatives, Cornerstone

As globalization expands, demographics shift, technology advances and industry demands evolve, organizations and communities must anticipate the immediate future — adapting to new challenges and opportunities as they arise, informed by comprehensive data analysis and strategic foresight. The skills economy is rapidly becoming a central element in this evolution, demanding a flexible, proactive approach to workforce development. Skills are now the currency of the modern economy, driving decisions in hiring, training and organizational growth.

That's why we're intensifying our efforts to boost workforce agility and help you narrow the readiness gap. Embracing a high-impact strategy for skill management is increasingly essential for today's workforce and organizational success.

Here at Cornerstone, we're committed to:

  • Understanding the skills people possess, identifying the skills they need and pinpointing where the gaps lie
  • Ensuring the people development process is tailored to their individual and unique strengths, preferences and career growth trajectories
  • Using continuous data collection and analysis to identify skills that enhance organizational success and those that are losing relevance

The shift from traditional job roles to a more flexible skills-oriented framework promises significant benefits but also brings its share of complexities. Accurately identifying and defining the critical skills needed for current and future success can be difficult. Elements such as an evergreen and harmonized skills taxonomy, predictive development models for all team members, integrating skills into various systems for a seamless experience, and changing the mindset from traditional roles to a focus on skills require a purposeful approach.

It can be difficult to know where to start, but we’re excited to share how we’re working to make this future a reality.

Taking workforce agility to new heights

Recognizing these complexities, we're thrilled to announce that SkyHive is now a part of Cornerstone, a partnership spearheading aligned missions to transform the way we work and learn. Cornerstone was born out of the ambitious goal to "Educate the world" and democratize access to knowledge. Similarly, SkyHive's vision is to "Reskill the world" in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Together, we'll provide an open and comprehensive solution for organizations eager to adopt forward-thinking ways of organizing work. This obvious synergy marks a significant milestone in our journey towards not just adapting to change, but leading it.

Putting the right talent in the right place

With Cornerstone and SkyHive, organizations can now easily navigate the complexities of workforce management and skill development. By leveraging a unified, consistent system, we can seamlessly manage skills, workforce capabilities and development needs. Integrating advanced automated job-talent architecture technology allows organizations to detect and assess skills automatically, streamlining the adoption process and ensuring that the right talent is in the right place.

This enhanced technology infrastructure supports strategic workforce planning, enabling organizations to anticipate skills evolution and maintain a competitive edge in the labor market. In addition, they can compare workforce capabilities with industry benchmarks and competitors, plus track workforce trends in real-time, enhancing their predictive analytics.

For employees, the convergence of Cornerstone and SkyHive translates into a more personalized and forward-looking career experience. They can assess their capabilities against market requirements and competition across various geographies and industries, preparing workers for the jobs of the future. The robust dataset that we bring together provides superior learning, career and skill recommendations, offering immediate guidance to navigate their career pathways, including opportunities for upskilling and reskilling.

Complementary visions for the future of work, and society

In every way, we see Cornerstone and SkyHive as a great match – we’re really made for each other.

In fact, we were already working well together. Thanks to Cornerstone Extend, SkyHive seamlessly integrates into the heart of Cornerstone Galaxy, making the solution available to Cornerstone customers today and adoption and integration simple. This is consistent with our commitment to remaining open and extensible. It also takes the capabilities of the Cornerstone Skills Graph above and beyond, enriching our existing framework with fresh data sources, artificial intelligence, advanced techniques and innovative tooling. This improvement translates into more accurate skill identification, tailored learning recommendations and advanced career pathing for everyone, from individual learners to entire organizations.

And beyond products and capabilities, we share in what’s most important – our contributions to society. As a certified B-Corp, SkyHive aligns with Cornerstone's commitment to being a force for good, making a significant impact through social initiatives and environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. Additionally, both are devoted to the ethical and responsible use of AI, working to eliminate bias with SkyHive's recent certification through Armilla.AI standing as a testament to this commitment. 

Building busy hives with stepping stones

The future of work is a bright reality we're creating together, today. By combining Cornerstone's extensive expertise in learning technology with SkyHive's cutting-edge reskilling platforms, we’re setting a new standard in workforce development. We also anticipate new innovations in our space that will develop rapidly. Stay tuned.

Our collaboration is about creating dynamic environments — busy hives where growth is inevitable. These stepping stones lay the foundation for significant and sustainable success. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, we’re excited to see how our joint efforts will lead to a more capable, more agile workforce ready to tackle tomorrow.

Explore how our combined technologies can elevate your workforce.

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