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Helping CSOD Clients Succeed with the Brand New Cornerstone Success Center

Kirsten Maas Helvey

COO, Cornerstone OnDemand

It’s a long-held Cornerstone OnDemand belief that Software-as-a-Service cannot be just about the software – it’s equally about service. No matter how good the software is, clients will not be successful without exceptional service in support. This mantra drives our 95% client retention rate since the company’s inception in 1999 and the fact that fully one third of new clients come from referrals. Service matters and we make our Client Success Framework the central part of the client-Cornerstone relationship.

Our team is always reimagining how we deliver service and support programs. One exciting new change is in our Cornerstone Success Center (CSC) – the online hub for Cornerstone clients and partners to communicate and collaborate with one another, as well as to find training, support and help.

The CSC isn’t new – it’s been the central spot for client collaboration and support for years. But we’ve just released a completely new CSC to make it easier for clients to work with Cornerstone across all areas. And it’s shiny, looks great and is easy to use, to boot!

Priority #1: Make it Easy and Timely

The big emphasis in the redesign of the CSC is straightforward: make it easy! The new site looks great and keeps clients up-to-date on the latest announcements, quarterly product releases and company events (like community user groups and webinars).

The new CSC is streamlined and puts critical information for clients in three main buckets:

  1. Find Solutions – The easiest way to learn about the full CSOD product suite, including the absolute latest features and functions. Or take a deep dive into any of the four Cornerstone Clouds. Find out about related services offerings. Even learn about CSOD partners who might be of help in particular areas.

  1. Collaborate – The new CSC takes the existing (and thriving) CSOD client community and makes it easier to connect with experts and fellow clients to get answers and share tips. This is not a free-for-all, the new CSC lets clients get together in very specific groups: by region, product, special interest and industry. Find the peers who have tackled similar problems in similar business lines and avoid having to reinvent the wheel. And of course there’s Suggestion City, an old favorite that gets clients directly involved in the evolution of the product and lets them vote on each others’ enhancement ideas.

  1. Get Help – Support, support and more support and it comes in all forms: online courses, online help, troubleshooting tips, video tutorials, documentation and more for each product Cloud. Search the Knowledge Bank for help resources. Consult the FAQs. Connect with a peer. It's all there and now it's easier than ever to find.

Make it easy, make it simple and get clients what they need in a timely manner. That’s our motto when it comes to the new Cornerstone Success Center.

If this type of customer support and engagement sounds familiar, that’s because the CSC is actually just a great instance of the Cornerstone Extended Enterprise Cloud. We believe in the value of providing timely support and collaboration opportunities for our customers and partners and that’s what the Extended Enterprise Cloud is all about.

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