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The Art and Science of the Virtual Classroom

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In a previous webinar, we explored six key principles of successfully designing any virtual classroom platform and shared a blueprint for adapting traditional classroom methodologies for live, online instruction. During this session, we will take a closer look at two of the critical elements of the ILT to virtual conversion process: Logistics and Facilitation. This is often where you will find the biggest differences between traditional classroom and virtual classroom delivery. Well dive into the aspects of virtual event project planning and introduce you to a critical tool (the Event Roadmap) and roles and responsibilities associated with virtual events. Virtual facilitation is more than just delivering a virtual lecture; its as much science as it is art. Learning to read a virtual audience is the art; knowing how to keep them engaged through meaningful interactions is the science. In this practical and tactical session, we will provide tips and tricks to help you master both. Attendees will learn: - How to create a logistics roadmap to plan your sessions; - How to write a facilitator/producer guide that includes visual and verbal cues; - Best practices for keeping an audience engaged; - When to use (and not to use) your web camera; and, - Why to create a Plan B and what to include in your backup plans.

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Révolutionner l'avenir du travail avec l'apprentissage immersif


Révolutionner l'avenir du travail avec l'apprentissage immersif

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