Why Cornerstone OnDemand Talent Management Software?

Your talent. Our technology.

Cornerstone OnDemand understands the challenges facing global businesses today –  we are one. With millions of users across hundreds of countries and dozens of languages, Cornerstone is helping some of the world’s leading brands get the greatest return on their human capital investment. Streamlined for quick and easy implementation and hassle-free administration, Cornerstone OnDemand’s Software-as-a-Service provides a simple, user-friendly interface and 100% web-based delivery drive high employee adoption and engagement – no matter where you do business. With advanced reporting and analytics features, your business leaders will be able to immediately assess the bigger talent picture – and the impact of your talent management initiatives.

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With Cornerstone, get the power of:

Comprehensive Integrated Talent Management:

Cornerstone’s four cloud solutions cover the entire employee lifecycle, from selection to succession. This integrated approach enables organizations to source top talent, develop and engage employees, improve business execution, cultivate future leaders and fully manage internal talent management with external networks of customers, vendors and distributors.

Comprehensive Integrated Talent Management Software
100% Organic Talent Management Software

100% organic

Cornerstone OnDemand remains the only complete talent management solution developed completely in-house, with a homegrown, proven product and services model and delivered via the cloud. This means that every component of our enterprise services offering was created by Cornerstone – not acquired or cobbled together.

Delivery model

Accessible through any web browser, our 100% cloud enabled solution lowers the total cost of ownership by minimizing the investments often associated with traditional software solutions, speeding delivery while providing increased flexibility, reliability and scalability.

Cloud Based  SaaS Software
Relentless Focus On Client Success

Relentless focus on client success

At Cornerstone, we believe we’re only as successful as our clients. That’s why we’ve developed a standardized Client Success Framework that informs our operational model and provides continued partnership with our customers; before, during and after implementation.

Rapid integration

Linking existing systems with Cornerstone is straightforward and easy. Use web and data integration services to access data and enhance, instead of replace, the platforms you’re already using.  These platforms include enterprise planning, human resources, financial and billing systems and data warehouses.

Rapid Integration
Global Reach

Global reach

With 24x7 support, the sun never sets for Cornerstone Customer Care. Our global account management and country-specific consulting services are provided for clients across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Less complexity, more configurability

Cornerstone understands that a “one-size-fits-all” mentality to talent management simply doesn’t work. That’s why Cornerstone is fully configurable - to meet the specific needs of your organization’s talent strategy - allowing customers to match solutions with your specific business processes and workflows.

Less Complexity, More Configurability