Talent Management Analytics - Cornerstone OnDemand Reporting

Driving Big Decisions with Big Data

Business and HR leaders need access to compelling metrics and reporting of critical talent management data.  Dealing with big data requires the ability to generate timely, compelling reporting with actionable analytics and insight which illuminates talent management challenges - before they become problems. Cornerstone Analytics & Reporting helps organizations
make better talent decisions while optimizing the critical
processes required for managing people.
Business and HR metrics
Integration Points
Integration Points - Over 100 pre-configured reports for you to run in real time or schedule for delivery to key stakeholders.
Custom Report Writer
Custom Report Writer - Pull data from virtually any field and build reports tailored to organizational strategy and processes.
Powerful Dashboards
Powerful Dashboards - Give business leaders, decision-makers, line supervisors and senior management an immediate and visually engaging metrics and analysis anytime, anywhere.
How can you give your key stakeholders on-demand access to the information they need when they need it most?
What can you do to make the results of important talent initiatives clearer and include meaningful and timely views of data?
How can you consolidate data from multiple, disparate systems and make it relevant and available?
Organically Developed - To make HR reporting data meaningful and actionable for administrators and managers alike, data must be easy to access and interpret. That's why our reporting tools  were developed organically, designed to seamlessly integrate and enhance all parts of the Cornerstone integrated talent management suite. Run reports and discover data easily and intuitively, with a simple user experience that eliminates the guess work from talent and performance management.  Cornerstone OnDemand eliminates needless complexity from your compliance efforts.