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Data Warehouse for HR

Data warehouse is essentially a database that aggregates and rearranges data, so that it is easy to query and analyze. For HR, a company stores information pertaining to its employees, their salaries, developed products, customer information, sales and invoices. The massive database, typically housed on a cluster of servers, or a mini or mainframe computer, serves as a centralized repository of all data that is generated by all departments and units of a large organization. Advanced data mining software is required to extract meaningful information from a data warehouse to a form suitable for enterprise-wide data analysis and reporting for predefined business needs.

What Are The Benefits of Data Warehouse for HR?

A data warehouse for HR can contain aggregate historical talent data, which may be analyzed to reach critical business decisions related to talent management. Despite associated costs and effort, most major organizations today use data warehouses.

When it comes to making decisions, access to the latest information is crucial. All Cornerstone reports are generated in real-time leveraging our real time data warehouse and give you access to what is going on right now in your business. You get real time access to the right data in the right hands at the right time. Schedule reports to be delivered to key executives at the moment of need. Roll out slick, graphical dashboards from across the talent management suite to your managers and let them access the data they need most. One of the great advantages of an organically built talent management system is the unified data model that lies under the surface. With Cornerstone, you access real time data from all of your people management processes seamlessly and from a single source.


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