Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is the process by which employees gain the critical knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to be successful contributors. Employee onboarding is much more than just new hire orientation. A strategic onboarding program starts when the offer is accepted and lasts a minimum of 6 months. A successful plan entails getting a new hire connected with others, immersing them in the culture, providing job specific knowledge and finally teaching them the company rules and regulations. 

Why is Employee Onboarding Important?

Employee onboarding has a number of positive outcomes as it is one of the most critical times for a new hire. A great onboarding program will engage new employees and ultimately result a faster time to contribute. In addition, because of high performing new hires, your business will see higher customer satisfaction rates. Employees will have higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment, improving retention rates.

Cornerstone Onboarding offers a smooth, easy onboarding experience for hiring managers and new hires. It has everything from automated new hire forms to personalized new hire portals to ensure a smooth first experience.

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