Realistic Job Previews

Realistic job previews (RJP) are a type of pre-hire assessment that give candidates an overview of a “day in the life” of a specific role. In an effort to be transparent, RJPs will show both the good and the bad of a position. The goal is to provide the candidates with an accurate portrayal to be used as tool for candidates to evaluate whether or not the position is right for them.

Why is Realistic Job Previews Important?

Realistic Job Previews are not your traditional assessment in that they do not give measurable results. The Realistic Job Preview provides more information about the job, giving the candidate the ability to make a more informed decision about whether or not they are a fit for the job. Rather than hire someone that will quit after 3 months, the RJP will enable those that aren’t a fit to remove themselves from the application process. In addition to other assessments, your organization will see a positive impact on retention, costs and job satisfaction.

Cornerstone Selection provides Realistic Job Previews help you save time and resources by weeding out applicants that are not a good fit, BEFORE you make a hiring decision.

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