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Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is a method used to source candidates using social media channels and networks. It falls under the umbrella of “Recruitment Marketing” as it leverages social media as a channel to post out jobs, show your brand and extend your reach. A strong social recruiting strategy will result in a robust network of top talent.

Benefits of Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting is one of the most valuable methods to reach top talent. As more and more people are plugging into social, there is a higher chance to reach great talent. Social Recruiting enables employers to not only extend their reach, but also to get the right job in front of the right candidate using social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. In addition Social Recruiting gives employers another channel to showcase their branding, and ultimately attracts candidates to seek a career with your organization.

With Cornerstone Recruiting, Social Recruiting has never been easier. With a few clicks you can post positions to social and track the number of candidates that apply through social media networks.


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