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Cornerstone Human Capital Management

Talent-driven Human Capital Management to empower business transformation

Focus on business results and enable internal mobility by quickly unifying your global teams on one modern system of engagement. Take a rational, talent-driven approach to HCM that enables you to focus on your people, not just transactions.

Cornerstone HR

Bring your employee data together in a way like never before – creating a clear, accurate picture of your global workforce. Engage employees with a modern user experience and leverage employee self-service to spur productivity – freeing up HR to focus on strategic initiatives.


Make a lasting impression on your new hires with Cornerstone Onboarding. We provide world-class tools that will turn your new hires into engaged, productive employees who want to stay.

Performance Management

Align, assess and develop your employees to maximize results. Improve performance with a modern performance management system that enables employees to control their own professional development with continuous feedback and intuitive goals, and gives managers an easy way to assess and coach employees.


Improve compensation planning and manage it with ease and precision. Highly-flexible and configurable, Cornerstone Compensation offers systemized workflows and budget and adjustment guidelines to increase transparency, optimize budgets and improve efficiencies.


Create, manage and execute accurate headcount plans to ensure that you have the right talent in the right place at the right time. Using a simple and intuitive user experience, you can generate accurate forecasts, visualize cost impacts and identify future talent gaps before they surface.


Modernize your Big Data strategy and optimize workforce performance through fact-based decision-making versus intuition. With real-time reporting, data visualization and sophisticated machine learning all in one system, you can gain complete visibility of your HR data to drive better strategic business outcomes.

Join over 29.9 million people using Cornerstone HCM to realize their potential

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