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Cornerstone for Higher Education

Based on successful client experiences, Cornerstone offers solutions to help higher education institutions strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


Institutions are transforming their people strategies to develop and retain top performers.


Today's leading institutions of higher education use Cornerstone.

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Institutions face challenges such as inefficient performance management, lack of identified successors, and retention of faculty and staff. With Cornerstone, support the skill development of your early career employees and prepare them for advancement or promotion. Align staffs’ goals with institutional values and assign performance reviews to true evaluators.

One solution for recruiting, retaining, and developing top performers.

With specific institutional needs, colleges and universities have niche people management requirements. Cornerstone for Higher Education is based on real, successful client experiences in academic settings. With Cornerstone’s technology, use industry-specific tools for developing faculty and staff so they can become top leaders. Capture knowledge from key staff, including those near retirement. Provide development opportunities and efficient performance review processes to create a culture of achievement. Establish focus and accountability to achieve institutional excellence that delivers innovation.

Do all this with Cornerstone, and more:

  • Recruit, and retain amazing academics and staff;motivate them via development and recognition
  • Assign performance review tasks to true evaluators, not just one or two people.
  • Create effective succession plans for key roles.
  • Leverage robust, real-time reporting to track training, recruiting, and development efforts.

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Modern, tailored training boosts employee performance and supports organizational goals.

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Optimizing learning through collaborative technology implementation

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Driving continuous improvement with streamlined recruiting and increased learner trust

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