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Business Social Networking - Employee Collaboration Software

Business Social Networking & Employee Collaboration Software

Cornerstone Connect - For the Success of Your Organization


Cornerstone Connect enables effective employee collaboration, improves employee performance, and drives innovation from customer and partner communities. By encouraging creation of new content and ideas and making it easy to join communities of practice, Cornerstone Connect fosters social (informal) learning, organizational memory, professional networking, and better communication across your employee base and the extended enterprise.

Cornerstone delivers a complete business social networking and employee collaboration platform.  This includes communities of practice, rich user profiles, expertise location, tag clouds, status updates, live feed views, rating/sharing content, knowledge management, blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, and more.

Business Social Networking - Organization with less than 3000 employees

Benefits & Features of Cornerstone Connect

Real Use Cases for Business Social Networking

Cornerstone believes that to cut through the hype and buzz of Web 2.0 and social networking, we need real business use cases for real business impact.  In other words, building communities is not enough -- you need proven uses to benefit your business today.


Cornerstone Connect uses business social networking and workplace communites to solve real talent management problems.  Use Cornerstone Connect to support employee onboarding, informal learning, performance support, workforce planning, and more.


For Both Internal and External Audiences

Organizations use Cornerstone Connect to reach both internal and external audiences.  With Cornerstone you can improve employee performance and identify critical internal professional networks or engage your customers and partners to drive innovation and lower support costs.

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Benefits & Features of Cornerstone ConnectBenefits & Features of Cornerstone Connect