Save resources and drive Cornerstone engagement with eSkillz

eSkillz Live Support Services and System Administration Services help companies save money and people resources while driving a better ROI on Cornerstone.


2018 Foundation Partner of the Year

The recipient of the Foundation Partner of the Year award is chosen from our pool of services partners based on the volume of work completed with the Cornerstone Foundation throughout the previous calendar year.

About the alliance

eSkillz is unmatched when it comes to the competency of services and expertise we’ve built. You’ll find no other organization that brings together End-User Live Support, LMS Systems Administrator Support, and Virtual Event Management Support the way we have. Plus, our flexible support models ensure you can choose what level of expertise and help you need.

Partner segments

  • Services
  • Learning
  • All verticals
  • North America
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Latin America
  • Asia Pacific & Japan

About eSkillz

eSkillz is the leading provider of Learning Management System & Application custom support solutions.  Our solutions bring together expertise around LMS, HCM and Web-conferencing arenas providing customers with on-demand support for both their administrator teams along with the full platform end-user population. Our tenure in the industry has led us to hundreds of successful deployments and customized support solutions that offer our customers extreme flexibility partnered with superior customer service.  By combining our proprietary support engine, highly skilled Systems Administrators, Support Specialists & Event Producers along with our client proven success, eSkillz comprehensive suite of solutions means immediate impact

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