Energy & Utilities

The Power Behind Empowerment

Organizations operating in the energy and utilities sector face a dynamic marketplace for talent and a host of regulatory challenges. From generators to independent system operators or companies working in the "last mile" of delivery, organizations who can successfully transform these challenges into opportunities today will emerge as the industry leaders of tomorrow.
Energy and utilities sector
Specific challenges in the energy & utilities sector include:
  • A tight regulatory environment with strict enforcement
  • Dynamic market conditions, including the cost of fuel inputs
  • Consolidation, merger, and acquisition
  • A highly skilled workforce with specialized job competencies
  • A global workforce with demanding needs around language,
    localization, and regulation
  • Replacing retiring senior leadership and experienced management


By working actively with energy and utilities clients, Cornerstone has developed specific expertise in meeting the industry's talent management challenges. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to delivering real business value to companies operating in regulated environments.

Cornerstone tackles the diverse needs of energy clients working in generation, delivery, management and beyond. The solution can be accessed by every part of the workforce, from senior management to plant workers.



Onboard and mentor new hires for quick time-to-productivity.


Track ongoing certification programs to ensure compliance with regulatory demands.


Leverage performance and competency management to make sure the right people have the right skills in the right job.
Succession / Workforce Planning

Succession/Workforce Planning

Prepare for tomorrow by ensuring that your organization’s leadership pipeline is healthy.
Corporate Social Networking

Corporate Social Networking

Take advantage of next generation Enterprise social networking tools to build valuable employee, alumni or customer communities. Network with industry alumni to find qualified candidates.
Integrated Solution

Integrated Solution

Streamline and consolidate onto a single platform to reduce your IT burden and to avoid the costs of fragmented systems.

Shadow Section

Observation Checklist: Observe, Measure Competencies and Performance on the Job, in Real Time

For many energy and utilities professionals there are instances when fulfillment of required competencies—such as health, safety and environmental—cannot be measured on a typical rating scale or as part of an annual review. Cornerstone’s innovative Observation Checklist feature lets you systematically assess and monitor employee skills and performance while employees are doing their jobs.

Cornerstone’s Observation Checklist guides you through assigning validators or verifiers to assess competence or successful completion of tasks as employees in the field.

With the Observation Checklist you can:

  • Give your verifiers, validators or preceptors easy access to observation checklists, replacing inefficient paper-based processes
  • Ensure that regulatory reporting is accurate and timely
  • Use pre-integrated competency models specific to the Energy & Utilities Industry
  • Specifically define observation ratings and methods
Observation Checklist

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