Building the Products & Processes for Your People

Manufacturing organizations must consistently work to speed up and streamline their process for bringing new products to market.  A well-managed, skilled and effective workforce is crucial for gaining the competitive advantage manufacturing companies need to succeed.  With extensive experience and expertise in the manufacturing industry, Cornerstone for Manufacturing provides integrated talent management solutions to some of the world's leading manufacturers - solutions built to maximize the productivity of the people, and processes, behind their products.

Cornerstone for Manufacturing can help:
  • Rapidly roll out new products throughout the extended enterprise
  • Meet strict regulatory and compliance government compliance requirements
  • Implement quality control and process improvement initiatives, including Six Sigma
  • Tie training initiatives to goals, objectives and succession planning
  • Measure your workforce's outputs and productivity with precision
Building the Products & Processes

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Observation Checklist

Observe and Measure Competencies and Performance in Real Time, On the Job

In the manufacturing sector, fulfillment of required competencies—such as safety procedures and line/assembly operations—can't always be measured on a typical rating scale or as part of an annual review.  Use Cornerstone’s innovative Observation Checklist feature to systematically assess and monitor employee skills and performance while they are doing their jobs.

Cornerstone’s Observation Checklist lets you assign validators or verifiers to assess competence or successful completion of tasks in the field.

With the Observation Checklist you can:

  • Give your validators or preceptors easy access to observation checklists and replace inefficient, paper-based processes
  • Ensure that regulatory reporting is accurate and timely
  • Use competency models specific to manufacturing
  • Specifically define observation ratings and methods
Observation Checklist

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