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The Perfect Inventory for Talent Management

With a constantly changing business model and rapidly evolving competitive landscape, it's important for retail and travel organizations to stay ahead of market trends.  HR Executives within these industries are challenged with maintaining brand consistency while developing new strategies for increasing sales and growing their consumer base.  

Getting the most out of talent management is essential to meeting these challenges - and equipping your workforce with the right skills means strategically choosing the right tools and technologies.  Cornerstone provides retail and travel organizations with integrated talent management solutions designed to measure and manage multiple objectives across the employee lifecycle. From selection to succession, retail and travel companies can standardize and improve customer experience, consumer branding and organizational knowledge across all areas of your business - from traditional brick & mortar stores to e-commerce and beyond.

With Cornerstone for Retail & Travel, you'll be able to create brand consistency and drive business objectives while retaining the flexibility for creating processes, training or workflows to meet the unique needs or requirements of each business or operational unit.  

With Cornerstone for Retail & Travel you can:
  • Rapidly deploy products across your enterprise
  • Deliver product training to your workforce from a single, unified platform at a fraction of the cost
  • Tie training initiatives to performance and sales of individual employees, creating measurable, actionable results
  • Align and unify individual business unit or storefront goals with corporate objectives and brand
  • Develop enterprise social networks and internal talent communities
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Observation Checklist

Observe and Measure Competencies and Performance in Real Time, On the Job

When you run a retail or travel organization, there are instances when the fulfillment of required competencies—such as quality of customer interactions—cannot be measured on a typical rating scale or as part of an annual review. Cornerstone’s Observation Checklist feature systematically assesses and monitors employee skills and performance in the field, while your employees are doing their jobs.

Cornerstone’s Observation Checklist lets you assign validators or verifiers to assess competence or successful completion of tasks. You’ll be able to:

  • Replace inefficient, paper-based processes with easy to access observation checklists
  • Ensure accurate, timely regulatory reporting
  • Use competency models specific to the retail & travel industries
  • Specifically define observation ratings and methods
Observation Checklist

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