Federal Government

A Private Cloud for the Public Sector

With federal government agencies facing major deficits and budget shortfalls, fiscal year 2012 is shaping up to be one of the most difficult budget years on record for public-sector organizations. But today’s spending and staffing cuts don’t have to occur at the expense of tomorrow’s people management needs. In addition to having to do more with less, public-sector employers must deal with an aging workforce, competition with the private sector for top performers, and filling leadership and talent gaps.

Private Cloud for the Public Sector

Benefits of using Cornerstone for Federal Government include:

  • Alignment of employee training with  goals
  • Delivery of organizationwide training initiatives on demand and with measurable results
  • Complete transparency around all processes, learning activities, readiness gaps, performance goal management, succession planning, etc.
  • Compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • Automation of SF-182 processing workflows
  • Access to government-specific online courses, including sexual harassment, IT security, ethics and more

A Preferred Provider

Cornerstone is available to federal government agencies via the General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule, Contract No. GS-35F-0247V.

Additionally, Cornerstone is the preferred provider for integrated talent management software for the U.S. Treasury Department’s HR Connect Program. The HR Connect Program Office (HRCPO) is an organization within the Treasury’s Office of the Chief Information Officer that creates, implements and maintains innovative IT solutions. HRCPO’s systems increase the efficiency of human resources activities and enable managers to achieve human capital goals throughout the federal government.

In 2005, the Office of Personnel Management awarded HRCPO the Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB) status, a coveted certification that identifies its software products and services as a best practice within the federal sector. As an HRLOB Shared Services Provider, the HR Connect staff provides its solutions both within the Treasury and to other agencies within the federal government.

For federal government agencies acquiring the Cornerstone solution via HR Connect, signing up is as simple as writing an interagency agreement in conjunction with the HRCPO.


To learn more about public-sector talent management best practices, download the “Making the Best of It: Why Tough Times Make Talent Management Essential in the Public Sector” white paper. It explains how effective learning and talent management software and strategies can help federal entities reduce costs and improve productivity in the short term while building a strong talent foundation for the future.