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Making State & Local Headcount Count

In the face of the most challenging economic crisis in a generation, states are struggling to adjust, forced to ask hard questions about which programs to cut - and by how much. Of course, it's not only program funding facing the chopping block.  It’s also the states’ capacity to run those programs. State and local employees are facing early retirements, buyouts, wage cuts and furloughs, all of which severely weaken the ability of agencies to do their jobs.
Cornerstone for State and Local Agencies

State and local agencies must immediately start preparing for the impending talent crisis. Preparation means improving the performance and productivity of workers to deliver more effective services at a more affordable price.  Making every headcount count means taking a strategic approach to talent management throughout the employee lifecycle, from selection to succession.  With a workforce being asked to do so much with such limited resources, the risks of not having a talent strategy are steep.  But getting it right has its rewards, such as improved morale, higher engagement and an increased sense of ownership and commitment.


Cornerstone for State and Local Agencies provides agencies with the tools they need to develop and execute an effective talent strategy.  With Cornerstone, agencies can better achieve their missions and deliver more effective programs while improving organizational and employee performance.  Read on to learn more about the unique challenges facing the State and Local sector and how Cornerstone can help.

Surviving the Budget Squeeze

Resources are scarce, budgets are tight, and additional cuts proposed for agencies are requiring many states and commonwealths to freeze hiring and do a lot more with a lot less. Combined with a lack of resources due to widespread layoffs and furloughs, government agencies must quickly rise to the challenges that the economy has brought.

Cornerstone OnDemand for State and Local replaces paper and decentralized processes by consolidating administrative HR functions like performance reviews, training, compensation planning and succession planning, into a single platform. Easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable, Cornerstone OnDemand helps to optimize operational efficiencies and reduces your administrative burden so that you can do more with less – without breaking the bank.

Lowering Cost through Automation

State and local agencies comprise the largest employment sector in the U.S. Investing in an integrated learning and talent management solution eliminates the need for having to purchase and support multiple, siloed systems. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, Cornerstone's product is implemented more quickly than an on-premise solution, with lower total cost of ownership to stay within state and local budget parameters. The SaaS model demands little in the way of IT staffing, hardware, and ongoing maintenance, letting businesses focus on their particular missions and leaving the hosting, networking, data security, and other IT issues to Cornerstone.

With a simplified delivery model comes large-scale enterprise implementations measured in weeks - not months and years. This is demonstrable, repeatable, and saves clients time, money, and frustration.

Subscription-based pricing translates to significantly lower up-front costs. In general, the on-demand model not only alleviates the costs of traditional perpetual licensing fees but also eliminates the need for additional IT infrastructure investments to support new applications.

Got Talent? Dealing with Change Management

State and local agencies shouldn't have to every generational or demographic segment of their diverse workforces, but they should be prepared for the change associated with a flight of needed experience and leadership at one end of the workforce and the rapid arrival of younger talent at the other.

Cornerstone OnDemand for State and Local provides the tools to meet these challenges. Succession planning and career management capabilities ensure that your agency has the right people in place to deliver programs and meet goals into the future. Talent management software also ensures that youngers employees are engaged in their work, mapping out potential career paths within the agency, being regularly provided performance feedback, and given the right tools to collaborate and communicate.

A Preferred Provider

Cornerstone for State and Local Agencies is available to state and local government agencies via the General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule, Contract No. GS-35F-0247V.

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