Cornerstone for Salesforce

Revolutionize learning and sales enablement

With Cornerstone for Salesforce, you can maximize your existing Salesforce investment to empower learning and drive new levels of sales efficiency and productivity. And by leveraging the social enterprise, you can encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration as true paths to success.

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Drive your learning strategy for the social enterprise

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    Deliver relevant sales training & education

    Directly from Salesforce, deploy high-powered training and onboarding programs for sales teams, employees, partners and customers.
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    Empower the social enterprise anytime, anywhere

    Integrated with Salesforce Chatter, Cornerstone for Salesforce delivers real-time collaboration for recognition and feedback with colleagues and partners, anytime – from any device.
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    Embedded in how salespeople work every day

    Ensure continuous professional improvement with targeted learning to identify skill gaps, prescribe ongoing trainings and enable professional development.
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    Track effectiveness & ROI with Salesforce analytics

    Certify sales and partner knowledge while ensuring compliance standards are met with Salesforce’s configurable dashboard reporting and analytics.
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