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Building a future-ready workforce to solve the world’s most complex engineering challenges

QuEST Global, a global product engineering and lifecycle services company, helps its partners realise their vision to elevate the ways people live, work, travel, relax and engage with each other.

As a trusted partner to the Aero Engines, Hi-Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation (Auto and Rail), Power and Industrial, Oil & Gas and Medical Devices industries, they’re at the forefront of the convergence of mechanical, electronics, software and digital engineering innovations.

But supporting 11,800 employees across 14 countries is no small challenge for the learning and development team. With the organisation growing rapidly, they faced a challenge. How could they scale the learning function rapidly, while improving the employee experience?

An ambitious learning strategy

In 2016, the learning and development team, led by Dr. Roshan Joseph, Vice President, L&D, QuEST Global recognised that they would need a strong software partner to help them standardise and scale the delivery of thousands of hours of learning programs a year.

At the time, there were no less than nine different homegrown learning applications in use across the business. This created a huge administrative burden for the L&D team, not to mention poor user experience for employees.

With just 30 per cent of learning delivered online, it was difficult to measure, track and report on outcomes.

Why Cornerstone?

QuEST needed a comprehensive learning management platform that was flexible, scalable and user-friendly. It must be accessible on both mobile and desktop, and offer a wide variety of exciting content options. This was especially important to meet the demands of a largely millennial workforce. Most importantly, it needed to be future proof.

“We wanted to make sure that whoever we partnered with would be someone who could grow and evolve with the organisation.” Dr. Joseph said.

One-stop solution delivers big wins

Since implementing the Cornerstone Learning Management System, the team has completely transformed the learning experience they’re able to deliver for employees. The LMS has been embraced by employees and managers alike, who appreciate the user-friendly interface and cross-platform accessibility of the system.

Dr.Joseph commented: “it’s been a cultural revolution for the organisation, with employees at all levels now embracing online learning. Today we’re at about 90 per cent online training and 10 per cent classroom based, which is impressive for any organisation. This has been borne out in the user access rate, which hit 97 per cent just three months after launch.”

Freedom to add value

Streamlining the LMS into one comprehensive system has significantly reduced the administrative burden on the L&D team, allowing them to become more productive and efficient.

“It’s given us the freedom to focus on adding value to our initiatives, instead of being stuck with a lot of the administrative work that used to be done,” said Mallika Padmanabhan. “Additionally, we’ve been able to empower managers to do things for themselves, such as accessing reports, which has reduced their dependency on the L&D function.”

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