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The COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, The Great Reshuffling have caused major disruptions and challenges for all industries, including financial services and banking. Regulations in the sector continue to increase, with banks continuing to spend a large part of their income on compliance-related activities addressing geopolitical change, divergent regulation, data protection and governance, operational resilience, financial crime, customer trust, and ethical conduct. On top of that, these organizations have become prime targets for cybercrime, being 300x more likely to be hit than other businesses, costing organizations millions. Given all these challenges, L&D teams have to be strategic and agile to find and deliver up-to-date and relevant training content for employees to develop the skills and expertise to meet business needs.

Download this datasheet to learn more about how Cornerstone Content Anytime can develop the expertise and power skills your team needs to face these challenges, regardless of business function, so your organization can thrive.

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Ficha técnica

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