Edtalks: Future Skills and Capabilities with Simon Gibson

Future Skills & Career Lead at Direct Line Group

Welcome to EdTalks, brought to you by EdCast. In this pilot episode, your host, Patrick Burns, brings to life what he expects from some of his guests along the way in Season 1 and why the future of work has become such a prevalent topic. Are you looking for a bit of inspiration? Do you have an idea of what you want from your job? Does your employer know what their employees want from their role? Patrick will look to bring you a variety of perspectives from some truly insightful people on what the future of work actually is (or could be) and will be sure to touch on hybrid working, the skills gap, the great resignation, the talent marketplace and much more. Stay tuned, stay open-minded and stay in touch. Find out more about EdCast at: https://www.edcast.com/.

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