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Next-Level DEIB Strategies for the Public Sector

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) is an increasing focal point for the public sector, and talent management professionals must ensure their DEIB strategy provides more than just lip service to their people. Creating a culture of Belonging is about more than engagement surveys – it requires concerted effort; leadership buy-in and – most importantly – change that your people see and feel. Join Cornerstone to share experiences, examine common challenges, and discuss strategies for establishing DEIB as an integral part of every aspect of the employee experience. Attendees of this session will review tactical approaches, data-driven best practices, and identify DEIB resources that will help your people thrive and bring their full selves to work

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¿Qué aportan los jóvenes a tu empresa?

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¿Qué aportan los jóvenes a tu empresa?

Los empleados son el alma de la empresa y los que harán que esta funcione como es debido. Es por esto que las empresas ponen mucha atención cuando van a contratar a un nuevo empleado. Invertir en nuevo talento puede ser arriesgado, pero a la par muy beneficioso.

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