One Housing One hundred percent completion drives performance and productivity

One Housing is a not-for-profit organization focused on helping people to live better by making a real positive difference to their lives. It provides housing, care, training and support services, which is all made possible through funding gained from buying and selling properties on the open market and other commercial projects.

One Housing currently manages around 16,000 homes across London boroughs and the South East and cares for over 11,500 people. Since 2011, it has been responsible for building 1,500 new affordable homes and by 2019 it aims to have built 3,600 more.

Its employees and their individual success are paramount to continuing to provide this high level of support and care and to helping achieve these goals.

One Housing’s appraisal process involves many different aspects including a performance review, objective setting and personal development plan creation. This made achieving high completion and adoption rates very time consuming and required a huge amount of effort from HR, managers and employees.

The Results

Achieved full completion rate. One Housing reached its goal outlined by the Board, with the “2016 end of year appraisal” task attaining a 100% completion rate.

Digitalized and improved appraisal process training. One Housing can focus on helping all employees at their point of need, with the right set of resources now being easily and readily available to everyone on one digital learning platform. The Cornerstone LMS includes tip sheets, videos, e-learning and guidance sheets covering every aspect of the appraisal process, from using the system, the appraisal meeting itself, how to make the most of that conversation, how to handle difficult conversations, setting objectives to establishing a personal development plan.

Empowered employees to take charge. One Housing has empowered employees to take a more active role in their career development with clear, measurable goals, defined career paths and targeted development plans. Instead of being fully reliant on HR, other employees can now be responsible for supporting their colleagues and team members, and One Housing has been able to appoint people as ‘advocates’ to specifically take on this task. The Cornerstone LMS has also enabled managers to monitor teams’ completion rates in real time with access to a dashboard offering valuable data and insights to help ensure high-performers are recognized and rewarded – improving engagement and retention.

Created a culture of continuous learning. Reinventing learning and development has helped create a culture of continuous learning at One Housing, with employees now finding answers and solutions to problems themselves, using the resources on offer or turning to their peers to figure things out. This all aids developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled workforce.

Increased productivity and less lost admin time. Through utilizing the Cornerstone system, One Housing has been able to make the appraisal process much more efficient and greatly cut down on the time needing to be invested by HR – allowing them to focus on other more strategic business tasks. As managers have access to a dashboard, HR no longer needs to run reports and further hours of time have been saved by being able to avoid other unnecessary administration and training. People have been pushed to the forefront of HR’s focus instead.

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Wat is de flexibiliteits-deler van uw carrière?

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Het is niet eenvoudig om al uw medewerkers gemotiveerd en betrokken te houden. U moet ze een duidelijk doel voor ogen stellen en ervoor zorgen dat dit doel in lijn is met de doelstellingen van uw organisatie. Cornerstone Performance biedt gedetailleerde inzichten in het talent binnen uw organisatie en kan snel werknemers identificeren en mobiliseren om aan de topprioriteiten voor uw organisatie te werken.

Hoe introduceert u een op vaardighedengerichte talentstrategie?


Hoe introduceert u een op vaardighedengerichte talentstrategie?

Er wordt wel gezegd dat 2020 in drie maanden tijd voor drie jaar digitale transformatie heeft gezorgd. Aanvankelijk draaide die transformatie om aanpassing aan de ingrijpende en plotselinge veranderingen waarmee we werden geconfronteerd. Onze thuiswerkende werknemers moesten om te beginnen gewoon kunnen werken, communiceren en samenwerken. Nu weten we dat deze verandering veel permanenter is dan velen hadden gedacht. In de aanhoudende bedrijfstransformatie van vandaag veranderen rollen snel en worden vaardigheden eerder overbodig. Uw organisatie moet de vaardigheden identificeren, binnenhalen en ontwikkelen die nodig zijn om te transformeren, op nieuwe markten te concurreren en te groeien. Hoe kunt u uw medewerkers op een schaalbare manier bijscholen, zodat u concurrerend blijft en niet altijd achter de feiten aanloopt? Het korte antwoord is: door medewerkers groeimogelijkheden in hun loopbaan te bieden. Vaak denken werknemers echter dat het gemakkelijker is om een nieuwe baan buiten het bedrijf dan erbinnen te zoeken. In veel organisaties werken interne culturen groeimogelijkheden in loopbanen en interne mobiliteit tegen. Met een op vaardighedengerichte talentstrategie kunt u de groei van uw medewerkers koppelen aan zakelijk succes. In deze gids beschrijven we vier stappen die belangrijk zijn voor deze strategie. We gaan daar dieper op in.

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