Your Prescription for Talent Management Success

The healthcare industry faces complex challenges ranging from economic pressures and regulatory compliance issues to industry consolidation and a shortage of qualified professionals.  Investing in people management solutions can help maintain a focus on providing the highest quality in care.  

Cornerstone for Healthcare provides organizations with the technology and content needed to address the demanding concerns of the healthcare industry. With Cornerstone, organizations can streamline talent management processes so that healthcare practitioners can focus on their patients.

With Cornerstone for Healthcare you can:
  • Store and maintain current staff qualifications
  • Align different business units and individuals enterprise-wide or vertically
  • Automate performance reviews
  • Automate the performance observation process
  • Create automated individual development plans
  • Manage certifications and accreditations
  • Generate reporting for the Joint Commission
Healthcare for Talent Management Success



By implementing Cornerstone’s learning and talent management solution for your healthcare organization you will be ready for industry surveys and audits as well as meeting and maintaining the Joint Commission’s standards for Human Resources Management and other regulatory reporting.  



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Observation Checklist

Observe and Measure Competencies and Performance in Real Time, On the Job

In the healthcare industry, there are instances when fulfillment of required competencies - like medical procedures and nursing - cannot be measured on a typical rating scale or as part of an annual review.  Use Cornerstone's innovative Observation Checklist feature to systematically assess and monitor employee skills and performance in the field, while employees are doing their jobs.

Cornerstone’s Observation Checklist lets you assign validators or verifiers to assess competence or successful completion of tasks as employees are at work in the field. For example, check off observed clinical skills as nurses are providing care, or ensure compliance with safety procedures as your employees perform medical tasks.

Check Out: Cornerstone Observation Checklist for Healthcare Datasheet »

  • Give your validators or preceptors easy access to observation checklists and replace inefficient, paper-based processes
  • Ensure that regulatory reporting is accurate and timely
  • Use competency models specific to certain industries
  • Specifically define observation ratings and methods
Cornerstone's Observation Checklist

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