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Empowering Employer Compliance

CIC Plus adds value to Cornerstone Onboarding by removing the complexity of administering employee tax forms and completing I-9 verifications. We automate the onboarding workflow through our Cornerstone integration giving companies a single platform to execute both I-9 verifications and tax withholding forms.

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About the alliance

CIC Plus is a Premier Partner through Onboarding, adding value to a client’s Cornerstone investment by offering a compliant and paperless solution for employee tax forms and I-9 verification.

Through our Single Sign-On Edge Platform integration, employees have a seamless experience from Cornerstone Onboarding to complete tax form tasks via CIC Plus’ online portal. Clients can ensure tax forms down to the local level are completed properly the first time, saving time and resources in HR and Payroll. Address validation and our logic driven process guide the employees through the forms, while administrators can view completed or pending forms easily through the administrative portal.

In addition, CIC Plus clients that utilize the Cornerstone/CIC Plus integration for tax withholding can leverage that integration for I-9 verification. New hires are prompted to complete Section 1 of the Form I-9 in addition to all required tax withholding and acknowledgement forms as part of one integrated workflow.

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About CIC Plus

CIC Plus delivers peace of mind for payroll and HR teams managing their compliance programs. Our fully integrated platform enables employee self-service for managing everything from tax withholding, I-9 verification, and employee forms to W-2, ACA, and pay statements, ensuring compliance and boosting productivity for your teams.

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