Performance Review Preparation Tips

Most employees have reviews at least annually, in which their boss will review their work performance and provide feedback. Oftentimes, employees don't really think about their review beforehand and simply think of it as a way to passively receive the opinion of their boss. Employees that don't take the time to prepare for a performance review are wasting a valuable opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about their career. The following tips will help employees prepare for their annual performance reviews.

Honestly Evaluate Your Performance

It is important for employees to be objective when evaluating their performance so as not to appear biased and self serving. Employees that seek feedback on their performance throughout the year may be in a better position to enter their annual performance review as continually seeking guidance can decrease the risk of surprises when it comes to your work.

Show Growth

During a performance review, a boss will normally go over both accomplishments and areas that need improvement. Employees should be prepared to show that they have improved on areas that were critiqued during the previous year's review. This shows that you can respond well to criticism and use the information to make an improvement.

Don't Get Upset Over Criticism

Even the best employee has areas where they can improve and it is important to keep a positive attitude when receiving criticism from your employer. Showing that you can hear criticism, not take it personally, and use it to improve your performance shows a good work ethic.

Prove Your Worth

Employees should prepare for reviews by gathering information about what they have done for the company since their last review. This can include goals that you have met throughout the year, in addition to accomplishments that help show your worth as an employee. You want to be able to show that you are going above and beyond to do your job, rather than just the bare minimum.

Have a Clear Plan for The Future

It will help to have a clear plan for the future regarding goals and what you would like to accomplish in the next year of your employment. In addition to having clear goals set, discuss with your boss what skills you may want to develop in the next year that may help in expanding your role at the company. This is also a good time to discuss any issues you may have had in meeting any performance expectations, and what you can do moving forward to improve in those areas.

Consider Discussing Salary

Depending on how a company operates, some will decide prior to reviews whether an employee will be receiving a pay increase. In this case, if you feel you deserve a salary increase, it may be necessary to approach the subject prior to your actual review. In other companies, pay increases are discussed during the actual performance review. Employees should determine the best time to ask for an increase, such as when you are discussing your accomplishments, talents, and the goals that you have met since your last review.

Employees that take time to really prepare for reviews tend to go into them with more confidence and tend to have a better outcome. Outlining clear points of discussion, being ready to receive criticism, and more will prepare employees for the best performance review possible.

Some More Preparation Review Preparation Tips: