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Cornerstone Performance Suite

Increase business performance and enhance your employee experience with self-activated career development, leveraging holistically captured talent insights.

Cornerstone was flexible enough to adapt to our needs and fully support the employee-led approach we have towards talent management.

A robust solution to meet your organization’s unique talent development, engagement and retention needs

Foster continuous talent development and coaching

Generate continuous business improvements by provide timely, in-context feedback to empower employees for self-driven career progression.

Enhance the employee experience

Provide clear goals with a top-down view, self-activated career development, and promote internal talent mobility opportunities.

Aggregate global talent data to see business impact

Utilize both traditional performance evaluation and continuous feedback models to drive better informed talent decisions

Effective Performance Management leads to…

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Higher talent retention

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Higher employee engagement

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Stronger employee value proposition

Performance Management

Accurately access talent abilities and develop your talent for a holistic employee experience that aligns with organizational goals with Cornerstone’s flexible performance management software. Empower employees to self-activate their career development while giving managers the tools they need to evolve into career coaches.  


Mitigate the cost of talent vacancies by easily identifying and closing skill gaps and improve talent retention by promoting internal, omnidirectional talent mobility with transparent, career paths. Precisely address and optimize the growth potential of your entire workforce at every touchpoint with Cornerstone’s succession management software.


Highly-flexible and configurable compensation planning ensure staying within organizational budgets, remaining competitive in the market, and profitability. Streamline manual processes with automation to reduce error-prone spreadsheets and paperwork with Cornerstone’s compensation management software.


Proactively keep a pulse on employee sentiment by listening to and acting on employee voice to improve employee engagement and get a deep understand of what motivates employees. Easily create and schedule recurring feedback campaigns to gain the data you need to identify actionable areas for improvement.


Make better-informed talent decisions through intuitive visualization of global, talent data. Access HR anytime on-the-go and gain a richer understanding of your workforce. Use interactive data filtering tools to discover your top performers and future leaders to achieve your unique business outcomes.

A complete performance management solution

Enable continuous performance development while holistically capturing and managing talent data to improve the employee experience with our robust performance management solution.


Provide talent with the opportunity to voice their opinion and sentiment


Improve talent and business outcome with defined goals and clear paths to achievement


Identify and close talent gaps to address the growth potential for the entire workforce


Deliver timely and in-context feedback to improve quality of talent


Analyze performance benchmarks and gauge business improvements


Recognize and award based-off performance while remaining competitive

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