March '14 Product Release
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March '14 Product Release

Building the Connected Workforce

March '14 Product Release

Cornerstone OnDemand’s March ’14 Product Release enables HR teams and business leaders to play a pivotal role in evolving employee potential and contributions with the right technology. Learn how key functionality from Cornerstone becomes an essential resource to the way employees want to work. This product release enhances powerful capabilities in Cornerstone Connect, Skills Matrix, Cornerstone Recruiting, and Cornerstone Mobile.

Connected Workforce

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March ’14 Product Release

Executives, HR leaders, and administrators of the Cornerstone OnDemand solution should utilize the resources, guides and best practices within the Client Success Center to better plan and roll-out new enhancements and features. Leverage insightful content, by product, that allows everyone to maximize the Cornerstone OnDemand solution.

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