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Create a more connected workplace

Connect your people to your business to create extraordinary results.

Product highlights include:


  • Learning in the Flow of Work: Bring your Cornerstone catalog directly to your learners in Microsoft Teams. Your learners can now search relevant content, stay up to date on outstanding training, and launch skill-based content all from Microsoft Teams.


  • Total Compensation: Showcase the value your organization puts towards employees with a single view to track an employee’s total rewards. From salaries to bonuses, health benefits, and more, build trust between managers and employees with a clear, transparent picture of their total rewards.


  • New DE&I Courses from Cornerstone Originals: 8 new binge-worthy courses part of our Digital Native Advancement (DNA) original learning series are targeted to help Generation Z identify their bias, celebrate differences, and help create an inclusive environment at work. The new courses cover topics such as disability, region, race, gender, and more.


  • Skill - Based Learning Recommendations: Give your employees direct access to advance their skills with new skill-based learning recommendations. Your employees can now drill into a specific skill on their Skills Profile and view associated recommended learning to start developing their skills.
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