Introducing Cornerstone Onboarding at Cornerstone Convergence 2014
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Introducing Cornerstone Onboarding at Cornerstone Convergence 2014

Introducing Cornerstone Onboarding at Cornerstone Convergence 2014

Reyhan Jhaver

Head of Product, Rallyteam

Lots of excitement this week for Cornerstone Convergence 2014! One of the many announcements from Adam Miller’s inspiring keynote today introduces Cornerstone Onboarding from our upcoming June 2014 Product Release. Onboarding strengthens the talent acquisition process and unifies with critical talent management activities like learning, succession and goals to effectively engage employees throughout the entire lifecycle.

Socially embedded within the full Cornerstone suite, our onboarding application delivers the right resources, connections, courses and experiences for new hires and employees. From working directly with clients and conducting our own product research, we’ve discovered that the most effective way to support employee success with onboarding is to move beyond the typical paperwork processes and address the cultural element of this often stressful, yet critical period of time for employees.

Improving the Employee Lifecycle with Cornerstone Onboarding

  • The best resource for recruiters and hiring managers. Recruiters and hiring managers are finally in-step on the employee lifecycle. We’re providing the tools for step-by-step guidance on how to create the very best onboarding experience for new employees. From the time a candidate is going through the recruiting and interviewing process, Cornerstone Onboarding seamlessly manages candidates into a employee status, and unifies the recruiting process with critical talent management functions like learning, goals, succession, and collaboration.

  • Foster collaboration and culture for new hires. Allow new employees to make critical connections with social portals and Cornerstone Connect. New hires also have access to knowledge-specific courses--all with features that allow them to see their team, search communities and find colleagues with common skills and interests. Easy access to key people, relevant content and informal network conversations builds confidence and fosters communication across the organization.

  • Unified within the Cornerstone suite. Cornerstone Onboarding was built organically to leverage and enhance the Cornerstone suite with connections to other talent functions such as succession, learning, recruiting and collaboration. By integrating the onboarding processes with various talent management activities, employees have the right engagement at critical transitions in their career.

Our dedication to building products from the ground up is something we’re very passionate about at Cornerstone OnDemand. Whether we’re delivering features, enhancements or an entirely new product, our pure cloud technology gives us the power to deliver more and more value for clients over time. The innovation culture we thrive on is why we choose to build brand-new and seamless products for our family of clients.

Cornerstone clients can learn about Cornerstone Onboarding and the June 2014 Product Release by logging into the Cornerstone Client Success Center.