Let’s power the future ready workforce

Let’s power the future ready workforce

September 1, 2021

Let’s power the future ready workforce

Ajay Awatramani

Chief Product Officer, Cornerstone

I know I’m not alone. We’ve all felt first-hand the personal and professional impact of the past 18 months. Navigating a global pandemic and the resulting “big reset” that turned our work and life environments upside down, advocating for diversity, inclusion and equality for all people, and most recently, managing through the “Great Resignation.”

All these things have fundamentally changed my own life and my work. I am still trying to balance the ever-evolving needs of my family and myself as we re-emerge from the effects of the pandemic. At the same time, I work to lead, motivate and engage a team of diverse, distributed people, ensuring that we stay connected and find common ground so we can execute huge, transformational work for our customers.

As a team, we’ve found new and innovative ways to maximise our productivity while staying as agile as possible. And, we are all looking to the future with excitement, as we reflect on our personal and professional goals and seek new ways to grow – both individually and together.

This is the picture of our work today

The dramatic changes in our lives, the tectonic shifts in the way we work, and the new things we’ve learned about ourselves and each other shine a bright light on the opportunities we have in this moment.

We are all searching for new ways to get inspired and to engage and grow at work and life — in a way that aligns with our ever-changing situations, which are all so uniquely personal. And whether change is required or chosen, it’s our human nature to try to “reweave” ourselves back into our new environments. To reconnect us back to purpose, to people, to the world around us. The experience of personal exploration, development and learning have been age-old ways to help us do that.

But as important as this personal growth exploration is to us as humans, we can’t forget about the essential requirements of work. Enabling our people to grow and succeed in a way that works best for them AND enabling our business to grow and transform to meet the needs of our customers and markets is not an either/or conversation. Our ability to successfully navigate at this intersection is the lynchpin to the future of work.

That’s the current gap we see in the market today

Experience and intelligence must go hand in hand. To navigate the future of work successfully, we need to make a fundamental shift in the way we think about talent technology. To effectively adopt “back to human” strategies and elevate the people experience we need to harness — not ignore — the value of the essential talent tools, processes, workflows, and troves of people data and intelligence we’ve worked so hard to put in place.

We’ve heard this from our vast and diverse customer base, and we believe Cornerstone is in a unique position to help solve this problem. It’s why we’re so excited that our latest innovation, Cornerstone Xplor, is launching today. It’s a new solution in our portfolio, but it represents more than that.

Cornerstone Xplor works at the intersection of experience and intelligence

Cornerstone Xplor is the manifestation of our company’s bold vision to revolutionise how people and teams will learn, grow, connect and thrive in this new world of work. It’s a holistic people growth experience that delivers a fully integrated and hyper-personalised journey of learning, skill development, growth and career mobility for every person.

Cornerstone Xplor homepage

See full Cornerstone Xplor homepage preview — The Cornerstone Xplor homepage is personalised to help employees see the content you’ve promoted, the training they need to take or the content that will help them meet their skill or learning needs.

But unlike traditional Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) or other similar niche applications that create “experience silos,” Cornerstone Xplor brings every element of people growth into one single destination, so every person in your organisation can:

  • Design a personalised skill development and growth plan and a path to get there.
  • Easily find the most engaging, relevant content that matches the skills they want to develop.
  • Explore careers that are a fit for those skills.
  • Connect with coaches and mentors who have mastered those skills.
  • Join communities and explore gigs where they can practice those skills.
  • Connect to an internal marketplace of job opportunities that align with those skills.
  • Engage with others who share similar interests and ideas that have nothing to do with skills!

Here are two examples of how Cornerstone Xplor supports a better growth experience for people:

Careers Explorer in Cornerstone Xplor

See full Career Explorer preview — Career Explorer empowers employees to take career management into their own hands by providing a centralised location to explore career opportunities and to receive personalised development to support career advancement.

Discover tab in Cornerstone Xplor

See full Discover preview — Go beyond static content recommendations with Discover, a view into learning content recommendations inclusive of in-house and on-the-web content, all curated and filtered for quality, and searchable by skill and even by content vendor.

And Cornerstone Xplor doesn’t detach this people experience from the systems and intelligence talent leaders need. Because the experience is only as powerful as the intelligence behind it. This is where the foundational strength of Cornerstone comes in.

Cornerstone Xplor harnesses the power of our industry-leading learning, skills, content and talent capabilities, the broadest, deepest people data lake and purpose-built AI Engines to fuel continuous personalisation and optimisation of the people experience while delivering new levels of depth, flexibility, scale and insight for talent leaders.

Supported by an AI-powered and skills-forward talent system

As Cornerstone Xplor works on the experience layer, talent leaders have access to a whole new level of intelligence under the hood.

They can easily identify their experts and offer them new opportunities to grow, visualise the skills they have across the organisation, create new talent pools based on skills, and more precisely map and align the skills of their people to the evolving requirements of the business.

They can auto-generate learning and skill development paths, create seamless skill and career journeys, deliver fresh, relevant, high-impact learning content — all surfaced by Cornerstone Xplor based on individual interests, goals and career aspirations — without all the heavy lifting.

They can leverage Cornerstone Xplor to surface relevant learning and skills content, help people connect to mentors and experts, reveal options for both traditional and non-traditional career and skill paths, and connect people to an auto-matched “marketplace” of new jobs, gigs and projects.

They can meet their people where they are with personalised learning, skill development and career growth opportunities – at scale and with more intelligence than ever — while keeping that experience tightly connected to their existing systems, workflows and essential learning and talent programs.

Let’s meet this moment together

How often do we REALLY get to shape the future of work?

To inspire our people, help them achieve their goals and become their most extraordinary? To create a better world – the one we all aspire to live and work in? To empower our people to infuse their unique perspectives and personalities and strengths into work, and dazzle us with the results?

On behalf of everyone at Cornerstone, I’m excited to be on this journey with you, as we make our way together into the future of work. Today’s launch of Cornerstone Xplor is just the beginning of that journey, and we hope you like what you’re hearing. If you have questions, send me a message, I’d love to connect with you, even if we may not be able to do that in person, yet!

To get a closer look at Cornerstone Xplor, check out this video