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13 Business Cards for Fictional Characters

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13 Business Cards for Fictional Characters

Cornerstone Editors

MAY 06, 2021

Nearly every aspect of business we conduct today is digital – we send emails, attend virtual meetings, network on social media, and learn new skills online. In fact, a growing majority of new generation employees prefer digital communication. However, there is a tiny piece of physical real estate that still has a significant impact: the business card. A simple, compelling business card has the power to make a genuine connection that goes beyond digital networking. They show how prepared you are and how much you value the recipient's awareness of your brand. Consider them to be a tangible introduction to what your brand can accomplish.

Now that we have touched upon the distinction that business cards can give your personal brand, what about jobs or lifestyles that are a bit more unconventional? For example, what kind of business card would a masked vigilante have? This infographic presents 13 business card designs for fictional characters. While fun and entertaining, it also demonstrates just how creative and expressive business cards can be.

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