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Cornerstone Cares Spotlight: How Businesses Used Learning Materials to Cope During a Crisis

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Cornerstone Cares Spotlight: How Businesses Used Learning Materials to Cope During a Crisis

Cornerstone Editors

JULY 21, 2020

Across industries, the COVID-19 pandemic shook business operations significantly, creating the need for many organizations to switch to remote work almost instantly. This sudden transition required new forms of communication and collaboration, not to mention security considerations, platform and system access and equipment requirements. While this abrupt shift to remote work presented obstacles, many organizations were proactive in providing their people and teams the learning resources required to navigate this new remote work reality.

Today, we’re profiling five organizations that leveraged Cornerstone Cares to support their people through the pandemic. Launched in March, Cornerstone Cares is a free content hub that offers timely, essential training resources designed to help people respond and navigate the realities of living and working through the pandemic and social and economic unrest.

The Cornerstone Cares hub offers a wide range of online courses such as how to:

protect yourself and others from the coronavirus

practice self-care to manage the stress and isolation of quarantine

stay productive while working from home, and

mitigate or eliminate unconscious biases.

The hub also features a guide designed specifically for teachers that offers best practices and tactical information as educators shift to remote learning as a new way of teaching.

Scroll through the stories below to learn how these five organizations used Cornerstone Cares resources to overcome the challenges brought on by the crisis—including the need for swift communication and virtual learning, among others—and make those resources quickly available to their people through Cornerstone Learning.

Cornerstone Cares: Five Ways Companies Have Navigated—and Thrived—During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Video of Cornerstone Cares: Impacted by COVID

Cornerstone Cares Sees High Engagement—and There’s More to Come

Already, over 19,000 people have registered to access the Cornerstone Cares hub, completing more than 54,000 courses—and that’s in addition to the millions of people who leverage Cornerstone Learning and Content Anytime through their organizations’ learning portals.

Training and learning resources provided via Cornerstone Cares continues to evolve with new courses and materials to meet changing business needs beyond those related to the pandemic. Most recently, in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and the demand for social change, we’ve introduced new playlists designed to help companies identify and address instances of unconscious bias in the workplace. And this is only the beginning.

We invite you to learn more about Cornerstone Cares and the evolving learning content and resources available to help you and your people learn, adapt, and support others through this new world of work.

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