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Cornerstone Convergence 2014: The Client RAVE Awards

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Cornerstone Convergence 2014: The Client RAVE Awards

Cornerstone Editors

JULY 14, 2021

Last week, Cornerstone OnDemand hosted its 12th annual client and partner conference in San Diego. Convergence keeps getting bigger, but the focus on our clients and their success is unchanged.

This year a special set of clients were honored at the 2014 Client RAVE Awards (Remarkable Achievements and Visionary Elites). Winners were evaluated across a wide range of criteria and recognized based on their innovation and excellence in talent management via the use and adoption of Cornerstone products.

Let’s take a look at the five categories and what their respective winners did to stand above the crowd.

Think Outside the Box

Following the status quo doesn’t work for everyone, and often the best results come from thinking outside the box. That’s exactly what the Learning Strategy Innovation award is about: innovative ideas, powerful programs and transforming the typical corporate learning environment.

Industrial company Oshkosh Corporation, the Learning Strategy Innovation winner, launched a new learning program to address its problem of uncollected payments and credit debt write-offs from customers. With marketing and management supporting the launch, the program resulted in zero outstanding payments and 75 percent reduction in administrative effort.

Be User-Friendly

Users won’t adopt new talent management technologies unless they’re easy to use and offer a simple interface. That’s exactly what Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain, did to win the Impact on User Adoption award. With 60,000 users, the company created a consistent experience to make implementation and communication successful. As a result, user adoption increased 400 percent in 2 years and user satisfaction reached 90 percent.

Never Stop Training

Talent management isn’t a one-and-done process. It’s about integrating talent management with other processes for continued development and success. Wayne County Airport Authority, the government entity that operates the Detroit airport, brought home the Visionary in Performance Management award for putting development at the core of its business model. In anticipation of a talent shortage, the company made online training available and incorporated metrics to support an emphasis on development.

Expand Beyond Recruiting

Companies that are truly successful in having business impact with talent management apply new technologies to not just recruitment, but the entire HR process. The winner of the Transformational HR & Talent Strategy award, Federal-Mogul, created a cross-functional way to manage the employee lifecycle from recruiting and learning to performance and succession. The international automotive supplier achieved a 90 percent participation rate in employee self-assessments, as well as improved accountability, data access and visibility of talent.

Attract and Engage Top Talent

With the rise of recruiting passive candidates, recruiters need to not only be able to identify top talent, but also attract candidates that are best for the job even if they’re already employed. The American restaurant chain TGI Friday’s Inc. won the Advancement in Reinventing Work award because it attracted top talent and put employees in positions that best utilize their skills and knowledge. With on-demand training, networking and on-the-job performance evaluation, the company provides continuous learning support and uses employees’ learning and performance in measuring corporate goals and engagement. The result: double-digit increases in training completion plus a 9-point Net Promoter Score increase.

To draw valuable results from a new talent management technology, companies can’t just sign up for a solution and sit back and wait. Successful implementation involves constantly adapting the solution to what employees need and what the business strategy demands.

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