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February 2015 Product Release: Drive Visibility, Accuracy, and Productivity

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February 2015 Product Release: Drive Visibility, Accuracy, and Productivity

Reyhan Jhaver
Head of Product, Rallyteam

JULY 14, 2021

Visibility into real-time data provides organizations a deeper, faster and more actionable view of its workforce – improving the speed and quality of decision making processes. Our February ’15 Product Release introduces enhancements that not only provide users with better access to data, but also more targeted, relevant data to help them streamline processes, reduce risk and improve productivity.

Cornerstone Recruiting

Geolocation Search. Users can now save valuable time with the ability to search for candidates or positions based on location and radius. Recruiters can now better target local talent for important roles – reducing turnover and improving employee performance. Candidates can now search and apply for open positions – or multiple positions at once – near where they live.

Cornerstone Mobile

Search, Request, & Assign Training. The Cornerstone Mobile App now allows users to search through the entire course catalog, find training, request or assign training as needed, and complete training from any mobile device. This provides your mobile workforce the flexibility they need to work to work anytime and anywhere.

Cornerstone Performance

Observation Checklist Analytics. Users now have the ability to create custom reports on Observation Checklist data, making it easier to sort, manipulate and export data. With this additional flexibility, users are better able to develop actionable insights and gain a deeper understanding of their organization.

Skills Matrix. Competency details, behaviors, and development actions are now directly accessible on the roles details page, providing users with quick access to critical information about employee skills. This saves users time, improves the user experience, and allows users to gain a deeper understanding of the competency qualifications. With a more comprehensive view, users can make faster and more informed business decisions.

Learn more in the February ’15 Product Release Video:

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