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Office Hours: Culture Can Help Companies Handle Change Gracefully

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Office Hours: Culture Can Help Companies Handle Change Gracefully

Cornerstone Editors

OCTOBER 10, 2018

This post is part of our biweekly "Office Hours" video series, featuring quick career, workplace and leadership tips from talent management experts and business leaders across the globe.

VUCA: It's not a rebel-elite clothing brand, nor is it the name of an obscure Cold War-era espionage program. It stands for 'volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous,' and according to business leaders around the globe, it describes our economic and political reality—a world in which a company's average tenure on the Fortune 500 is below 15 years, compared to 75 years in the 1960s.

Ira Wolfe, president of Success Performance Solutions, urges companies to prepare for the future with VUCA in mind. In this video, he explains that today, digital, economic and political change is happening at an exponential rate, and no company is immune.

The key to surviving the VUCA storm, Wolfe suggests, is investing in an adaptable culture, one that can recover from change that seems gradual, but eventually just crashes down suddenly and without warning.

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