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Talent Is a #1 Priority: 8 Best Practices for Employee Engagement

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Talent Is a #1 Priority: 8 Best Practices for Employee Engagement

Cornerstone Editors

JULY 14, 2021

Employees are the center of the conversation at companies, because they're ultimately the energy, muscle and brains behind what the company produces. More and more companies are realizing the value of their top talent and in return are rewarding them for their hard work with gourmet food, on-site massages and unlimited vacations. While those perks are nice-to-haves, what employees really want is a company culture where they have the opportunity for growth and feel a sense of community.

Despite efforts to please and pamper employees, 70 percent of employees feel disengaged at work, according to a Gallup poll. An active effort to improve the employee experience relies on reducing the number of disengaged employees. How? Here are eight tips to start:

  1. Take interest in employees' values and personal lives

  1. Empower employees to think outside the box

  1. Let employees take the lead on projects

  1. Talk about big wins as a way to congratulate the team

  1. Provide learning and training opportunities

  1. Collect feedback about what employees value

  1. Make volunteering a priority

  1. Create a culture of constructive criticism and feedback

Want to learn more about these strategies? View the SlideShare below.

Talent is Here to Stay: Best Practices for Employee Engagement from Cornerstone OnDemand

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